Locations for a photo shoot

Capture the best moments of your life in the interiors of the Golden Ring Hotel.

The cost of a photo shoot: 

  • In the interiors of the hotel without accommodation * - 2000 rubles /1 hour.
  • VIP, Deluxe, Apartment and lobby rooms have 4 floors without accommodation – 3000 rubles /1 hour.
  • At the pier - 2000 rubles/hour.

Conditions for photo shoots at the hotel:

  • The service is provided subject to pre-booking, the duration of the photo shoot is negotiated in advance.
  • The rates are indicated in rubles for 1 hour (60 minutes).
  • Payment is made on the day of the photo shoot using a bank card or in cash at the reception desk of the hotel.
  • The time of the photo shoot is from 9 am to 23 pm.
  • The number of participants in the shooting is no more than 5 people, including a photographer and an assistant.
  • We recommend coming 15-20 minutes earlier than the agreed time in order to process all the documents and pay for the service.


Reservations are made by phone +74942-622-434 or by e-mail: sales@kostroma-goldenring.ru


*The photo shoot in the interiors of the hotel includes the following locations: space 1-3 floor, main staircase, hall on the 1st floor, restaurant, conference room.