Accommodation with pets

We will be glad to meet your pet and create favorable living conditions for him. For the comfort of all guests, only dogs are allowed to stay at the hotel. When booking a room, please specify whether it is provided for living with our younger friends. Remember that the pet can stay in the room only under the supervision of the owner. In corridors, halls and elevators, an animal over 5 kg should be kept muzzled and on a leash. We will be happy to provide a couch and a bowl for your pet (check the availability at the reception).

The guest undertakes to observe sanitary and hygienic conditions in the room and on the territory of the hotel.

The cost of a pet's stay in the room: from 1,000 to 2,000 rubles per day.

If you weigh more than 5 kg. you will need a deposit: 5,000 rubles.